Fix Your Chit

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A couple chicks chat about screwing up, self improvement, spirituality, and even stuff that doesn't start with "S". Join the conversation as we try to fix some chit.


It's our last episode, but we'll meet again. (Promise.) Thanks for listening, friends! Love, Lynda & Lisa Saying Goodbye and Saying it Well (American ...
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An Announcement

Have we told you lately that we love you? We do, and we have something else to tell you too.
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Energy Vampires

Someone sucking the life out of you? We bring the guru garlic in this episode on energy vampires. How to spot (and deal with) an energy vampire - NBC ...
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Learn from your yearn and integrity will follow. Promise. (Plus, Martha Beck says so.) Get this book! The Way of Integrity - Martha Beck Try this medi...
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Alone Time

Dude! Get some solitude. It does a body (and mind) good. Why Do Introverts Love Being Alone? Here's The Science - Jenn Granneman 7 Science-Backed Reas...
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Vagus, baby, vagus!

You've got some nerve. (Your vagas nerve.) And it's the boss of your bod. How to stimulate your vagus nerve for better mental health. By Jordan Fallis...
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The Hero's Journey

Got dragons to slay? We got you. (With a little help from Joseph Campbell.) Joseph Campbell - Wikipedia  The Hero's Journey - Your Dictionary No more ...
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Stuck in the middle? We'll help you move. 7 Things To Do Immediately When You Feel 'Stuck' In Life - by Kelly Chisholm Living In Limbo - by Alecia Ken...
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Pick The Apples

There's gravity in letting that apple hit you on the head. Pick it instead, for a more positive mindset. 5 Simple & Scientific Steps to Detox Trauma a...
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Lose Your Juniority

Shed the shackles of playing small and accept your divine assignment.   Why Playing Small Is Just Your Ego - Lissa Rankin Turning Pro Intro - Steven P...
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