Flirting With Failure

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A comedy podcast featuring friends, Michael Vanantwerp and Connor Fenton. We talk trash to eachother, about eachother, and about everyone else. Two silly buddies just let time pass. Join this glimpse into the spaztastic world of two guys who try everything, and succeed at nothing.

#13 Kentucky life partners

This week Connor and Michael New flavors of yankee candles, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kentucky life partners and a whole slew of other nonsense. Michael po...
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#11 Montana alien bodies

This week Connor and Michael talk about being the president, Rocky Horror Picture show, and professional wrestling. Did you know Vince once wrestled g...
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#10 Masturbatory musings

Connor and Michael talk about the UFC, Connor's demented porn proclivities, and what Halloween movies should be watched. Michael posts jokes on twitte...
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#9 How to dom for Mike Pence

Michael and Connor talk about what it's like to dom for Mike Pence, Talking in movie theaters, and more dumb stuff they find interesting.
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#8 Decapitated Frankie Muniz

Connor and Michael talk about Walk hard, the Dewey Cox story, How bad Zombinator is, and how much they would love Henry Cavil to ravage them while sol...
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#7 Working Title

Connor and Michael are back talking about some of the things they know. Movies. WE talk about more bad movies, and Michael tries to rewrite some he's ...
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#4 Off to Dublin

Sorry for the audio in this one too. That damn cat.   Connor and I talk about Jiu-jitsu, marriage, and mexico.
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