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Armor of Unconditional Love

Kayleigh_Wheeler.JPG "...My ultimate goal as a healthcare provider is to create an everlasting impression..." Kaleigh Wheeler, Nursing Student Listen ...
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Sincere Spread of Lips

Sara_Talavera.JPG ...I want my smile to be a small reflection of who Jesus is..." Sara Talavera, General Studies Student Listen Now Talavera_Sara.mp3 ...
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Love What We Do

Ashley_Perez.JPG "...we must always remember to have compassion for those suffering..." Ashley Perez, General Studies Student Listen Now Perez_Ashley....
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Relationship Centered Care

_Anonymous-Woman.jpg "... that I may heal their hearts as well as their illness..." Jaclyn Hoover, Biomedical Sciences Student Listen Now Hoover_Jacly...
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My Mother

_Anonymous-Woman.jpg "...I want to not only give them the best care, but get to know them and be compassionate..." Samantha Fletcher, Nursing Student ...
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Find Happiness

_Anonymous-Woman.jpg "...we need to rely on God to get through times of hurt and pain..." Landrie Connery, Occupational Therapy Student Listen Now Con...
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Maintaining and Open Mind

_Anonymous-Woman.jpg "...Without hesitation, she took the time out of her busy schedule to walk with my father ..." Brittany Burrell, Nursing Student ...
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Life and Love

Angela_Brownlee.jpg "... I have truly found my place in this life..." Angela Brownlee, Health Sciences Student Listen Now Brownlee_Angela.mp3 Transcri...
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_Anonymous-Woman.jpg "In healthcare I have learned that I must base my life on the foundation of three things, I must have a passion for God, a passio...
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