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Flourish Meditations are about creating a space of awe and wonder in order to help bring healing within mind, body, and soul. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/flourishyoga/support

Yoga Nidra: Releasing Fear

In a season of intense fear, this yoga nidra practice was designed to help you release your body, mind, and heart to help you move deeper into rest. -...
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Guided Meditation: Fear

This guided meditation is about fear and how we have the power to release fear. You are safe and you are free --- Support this podcast: https://anchor...
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Guided Meditation: Loneliness

When loneliness weighs heavy upon your heart and you feel unseen, unloved, and desperately alone this guided Meditation was created to help you see th...
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Guided Meditation: Love

This guided meditation is focused on love. Inviting the listener to step into love even when it’s hard—even when it hurts because love is the very sou...
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