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28 To God Be the Glory

Today we see more of John's heavenly vision from Revelation chapter 4. In this chapter John describes the indescribable, and we see angelic beings, he...
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48 The Rapture of the Church

Today we look at more differences between the church and Israel in terms of the Law of Moses. We will see that the Law points to specific punishments ...
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27 After These Things

Today we move into the next section of the book of Revelation, and here we see John undergoing an event that is very similar to the Rapture. We will l...
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47 The Rapture of the Church

In this lesson we study more differences between the church and Israel, today focusing on the Law. The fact that God gave the Law to only Israel shows...
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26 Answers in the Crisis

Today we continue our look at the message to the church in Laodicea. Because this message contains no words of commendation some assume that these peo...
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Can I Eat That?

In this lesson we look at Acts 10 and Peter's vision before he met with Cornelius. Why did Peter have this vision- Why did God prohibit the eating of ...
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25 The Church in Crisis

We were forced to have our service online only this week due to COVID being prevalent in the church. The message itself begins after about 5 minutes o...
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45 The Rapture of the Church

Today we continue to look at the difference between the Church and the nation of Israel. Understanding this distinction is key to understanding what G...
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43 The Rapture of the Church

Listen to this message to see the covenants that God made with Israel, which clearly show the difference between the church and Israel.
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