Followers of the Cross

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Jason Reynolds is a journalist, blogger and podcaster who interviews Christian authors, musicians, actors and other creatives. A good cup of coffee will make his day.

Aaron Shust Goes Live

Aaron Shust has achieved another first. The award-winning CMA artist has released his first live recording album, “Love Made a Way.” It is his eighth ...
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A Christian in the White House

A new book provides a fascinating insight into the world of former President Obama’s outreach to faith-based communities. Michael Wear is an evangelic...
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Grayson Reed Launches Walk Album

Family and music are both a way of life for Christian duo Grayson/Reed, and they wouldn’t have it any other way as they have found a certain balance i...
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A Messy, Exciting Faith

A new author wants your worship life to be the opposite of boring. John Hambrick is part of the leadership team at Buckhead Church, part of North Poin...
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The widow of NFL center Grant Feasel is sharing her family’s story to help warn others about the dangers of sports-related concussions. Cyndy Feasel l...
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Nimrod Rebels Against God

Pastor Lucas Miles is in the early stages of producing a historical documentary of Nimrod, a person from the ancient world who is mysterious but very ...
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Crowning Jules, Entertaining Teens

Lucas Miles seeks God in church, in movies and in books. Lucas produced the movie “Rodeo Girl” with Kevin Sorbo and is producing a new film, “Crowning...
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Unspoken Singer Speaks on Sobriety

Christian lead singer Chad Mattson is celebrating 13 years of sobriety with the new album “Follow Through” with the band Unspoken. “Follow Through,” f...
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Assumptions Drive Everything You Do

To simply call Dave Richardson Jr.’s new book, “Transparent,” an apologetics book would be an easy way to ignore what is underneath the surface of its...
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