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The name says it all. Chuck and Bill are morons. However, they are also morons trying to make you laugh with improv, characters, the occasional sketch, and general unadulterated foolishness. Feel free to email us at and ask us something dumb. At this point, your email WILL be read on the show.

Ep 52 - You're Invisible

In this ep, Chuck discusses his experience with having COVID. On a lighter note, we talk about mobile gaming, and what we'd do if we're invisible. We ...
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Ep 51 - Bank Teller Therapist

In this episode, Bill and Chuck start with a discussion of football vs basketball players, and the issues with Cyberpunk 2077. They then do a great im...
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Ep 50 - We really did 50 of these.

Chuck and Bill start off by celebrating reaching 50 episodes, and decide the top Foolish "Thing to have 50 of". Then they close it out with 3 Fine Thi...
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Ep 49 - What's the deal with milk?

Bill and Chuck discuss streaming, crossword puzzles and milk. They follow that up with some random word improv, and conclude with another exciting ins...
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Ep 48 - Stock Photo Improv

Bill and Chuck look toward strange stock photos from r/wtfstockphotos for scene inspiration. Then another installment of 3 Fine Things!
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Doc Rock's Rock Block

Lots more improv in this one (We did like 3 scenes! Maybe 4! I don't remember!) and a very long 3 fine things. Also a deep dive into British TV cookin...
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Goose Attack!

After almost two years exactly, Foolish - the Podcast is back. We talk about how we're coping during the pandemic, discuss a very dumb question, do a ...
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Ep 44 - I Ain't Scared

Chuck and Bill discuss: Space: 02:50 Bill's Subway Story: 12:18 School Buses (They're Yellow AND Orange, by the way): 15:55 Chuck's Frisbee Yips: 24:5...
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Ep 43 - Hoop Land

No segments in this Episode, just straight BS. Bill and Chuck discuss food trucks, kidneys, Goldilocks, Freaky Friday, Mr. Skin, and Chuck having a go...
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