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AFL Season 2017. Week 15

What do you do with a Thuggish Player? Throw the proverbial book at him and sack him for life. There is no place for thugs in footy and no-one should ...
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AFL Season 2017. Week 13

Interesting to note people in the medja and on talkback starting to comment out commentators and journos ‘barracking’ for their sides this week after ...
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AFL Season 2017. Show 12

Round 12, 2017. Boys (and girls) behaving badly again…but this time the focus is on commentators and journos who earn their money and make a living by...
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AFL Season 2017. Week 10

Round 10, 2017. Why would anyone in their right mind jump onto social medja, whether it be a footballer, an umpire, or a footy journalist.  Twitter is...
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AFL Season 2017. Week 9

Round 9, 2017. Plenty of discussion about rules this week.  Get rid of the rules that just waste our time and bring on the footy. The AFL as an organi...
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AFL Season 2017. Round 8

Round 8, 2017. When does a sledge cross the line?  What is that hidden line? Who has an answer and who should police the ‘Line’?. Is the old adage tha...
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AFL Season 2017. Show 6

Round 6, 2017 We are back in town after and exclusive two month tour of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Depang. And I notice that nothing has changed in my ab...
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AFL Season 2017. Show 3

Round 3, 2017. Welcome back again to Shenzhen, the mecca of footy in China. It seems the ‘R’ word has reared it’s ugly head again over in South Austra...
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Footytalk 2017. Show 1

After an extended absence brought about by the political landscape here in Australia, we firstly apologise to all those listeners who have been cravin...
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AFL Season 2015. Round 7

It’s been a long time since The Explosion has vented in an full-on Explosive Rant during the podcast but this weeks show is worth listening to for a n...
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