For Arguments Take

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Mike and Meech talk football as well as do TV show and movie reviews. Monday's episodes will be sports and Wednesday will be centered on new movie and TV show releases

Brett Has Reached His Limit

Brett is nearing the end of his rope. It's a very distinct possibility if he watches another bad movie or two that he may kill someone. Most certainly...
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Jake Gyllenhaal Slander Continues

Can Nightcrawler make Mike stop hating Jake Gyllenhaal and his stupid face? (Spoiler - nope). But it does turn into a massive discussion on the Fast a...
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Live Election Coverage!

Another wild one as we rehash the exact same things everyone has been talking about for days. Then we get into Raised by Wolves Season 1 recap and the...
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Did Meech Welch on a Bet?

We have some serious podcast drama this week as evidence has been brought to light that Meech may have welched on a bet. Let us know what you think. 
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