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Tune in to learn more about what it means to be a man and get a better understanding of the Bible while we seek and pursue after the person of Jesus Christ..

August Update

Hey everyone, it's been a while. I'm sorry for not posting in quite some time. This is an update on FTB and what's next.
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0013 - Battling Indecision

Sorry, it's been a while. Over the course I've making this podcast, trying to get on a more consistent schedule has definitely been a difficult of min...
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0013 - Discovering God's Will

This episode has been inspired by questions I've been asking a lot lately. The title itself comes from a book a read recently on the subject of God's ...
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0012 - Advice from Dad

I'm really excited for this episode. I interviewed LA Ricketson from Advice from Dad, a YouTube channel full of fatherly advice across a wide range of...
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0011 - The Bible and Money

Hi everyone - sorry it's been so long since I've uploaded an episode. I'm hoping to publish a few more within the week, so stay tuned. This episode is...
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0010 - Moving Forward

Hello everyone! This week I got a little off track - I slacked a little bit and didn't get my interview recording in for February. So instead, I talk ...
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0009 - The Gospel and Manhood

How do we view the Gospel as men?   The Gospel is the foundation of our faith - how we view Jesus, what He came to do and what He did on the cross is ...
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0008 - Responding to the Gospel

This episode is about why we share the Gospel and how to people respond to it. We have to share the Gospel because if we don't let people know the rea...
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0007 - The Gospel

Hi everyone! Recently I watched a documentary called "American Gospel: Christ Alone" (Their website can be found here - http://www.americangospelfilm....
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