For the First Time


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Matt and Max try to get out of their comfort zone and try something new every week. Join them on their on their adventures and invite them to try something new with you!

S2 E1: Intro to Quarantine

Matt and Max are back! (But also staying where they are) 3 billion miles apart but still trying things for the first time together. We are all going t...
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Episode 5 - Frigid 4k

Matt and Max taped their hands together for a tender jog through the park. However the wind was whipping and someone’s muscles were a little too tight...
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Episode 4- VR Immersion

Join us as we enter the Matrix...actually we go to StoneFire Pizza to join the 10 year old birthday parties and play some fully immersive virtual real...
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Episode 3-Aerial Silks

This week (or should we say month) Matt and Max are (finally!) back from the holiday season and moving their bodies in crazy ways. They went to Zenzen...
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Episode 2 - Drag Brunch

This week we enjoyed pancakes, sausages, friendship and a show! Hamburger Mary’s in Walkers Point put on a great drag show and brunch. We learned a bi...
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Episode 1- Mystery Vacation

Matt and Max take a trip to.... Myrtle Beach! Hear about what the experience was like. Turns out, talking to strangers and buying them beers can turn ...
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Episode 0- Stop Making Sense

Listen to the Bash Bros discuss something they tried “For the First Time” We explain what we’re up to and what the future holds
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