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A small Christian church community in the San Francisco Bay Area

Jonah Flees To Tarshish

The prophet Jonah was commissioned to travel 550 miles to Ninevah, a mighty city in the Assyrian Empire, and proclaim to that city the coming judgment...
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Introduction To Jonah

Jonah was a prophet of Yahweh in the nation of Israel, after the 10 tribes split off of Judah, and worshipped the gold calf idols in Hebron and Dan. G...
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Fight The Good Fight Of Faith

Paul finishes his epistle to Timothy, and through him, to the Ephesian churches, with exhortations to Timothy to flee the false teachings and passion ...
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Slavery & Greed: #10

Paul addresses Timothy with the needs in the churches of Ephesus brought about by slaves and masters in the congregations. He then shifts over to poin...
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Church Discipline

Paul is instructing Timothy, by Holy Spirit, regarding Church Discipline in the churches of Ephesus. Those Elders who lead well, teach the Word of God...
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Care For The Most Vulnerable

Paul's words to Timothy about caring for the many widows in the churches of Ephesus laid down principles for the church for the next 2000 years. A wid...
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Charges To Timothy

Paul turns from dealing with the issue of false teachings, to charging Timothy how to minister to leaders of the house churches and their groups as a ...
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Godliness and False Teachings

Verse 16 of Chapter 3 probably should be the first verse of Chapter 4. In that verse, Paul records the elements of the mystery of godliness, that myst...
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Church Leadership

Paul continues to instruct Timothy how the house churches of Ephesus are to be led. Qualifying men and women will have met the list of 15 qualificatio...
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Women's Role In The churches

The Apostle Paul is instructing Timothy how to lead in times of persecution and confusion. Pau, with a fatherly, gentle manner, tells the women in the...
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