Forgotten Failures

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The obscure movie podcast. DEEDS NOT WORDS

Episode 55: POWER RANGERS (2017)

It all leads up to this. We’ve done Power Rangers episodes…. we’ve done episodes about movies… but until now, with one possible exception, there was n...
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Episode 54: The Brain (1988)

This week MikeD selected another classic of Canadian terror, filmed in a Mississauga office park. Who can brainwash better than a brain? Nobody. But s...
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Episode 51: Trancers (1984)

Trancers has so much great stuff. Time travel, Honda Elite scooters, Helen Hunt’s elf outfit, the punk version of Jingle Bells, Police Chief McNulty. ...
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Episode 50: Megaforce (1982)

Many years ago… three people, and some other people, watched a movie called Megaforce. And this, more than any other ridiculous movie, inspired them, ...
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