Four Fat Guys

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Welcome to Four Fat Guys, the podcast where a couple of the hosts don’t understand the concept of podcasts. We are just a group of regular guys who sit around and discuss.. well, anything. New episodes drop on Wednesdays!Send us questions/topics...Tweet @fourfatguysshowInstagram @fourfatguysshowFacebook

Episode 68: Stub, Party of One?

Show Notes: Stub’s vehicle issues. Pick an interesting way to die, Roach. Grumpy Old Man is shopping for weed eaters. Fit an elephant in a refrigerato...
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Episode 67: Schfinkster Egg Salad

Show Notes: Roach and Jeff’s first date. Sue’s stupid question. Chef Stub the Raccoon’s new Food Network show. To Catch a Cheater with Thai Farts. We ...
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Episode 66: Ketchup Crime Family

Show Notes: We love our listeners. We talk about our favorite word. Roach is “Some Pig”. An intergalactic space mission with a super good looking crew...
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Episode 63: Good for Diggin'

Show Notes: Ryan’s flu adventure. Grumpy Old Man’s pro-level sickness strategy guide. We share the new acronyms we learned. Teleportation from 500 fee...
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