Frakkin Nerds

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They said the meek will inherit the Earth, We say the Nerds already have control. A weekly Live Podcast . We talk about all things nerd and geeky. From movies, tv and tech news, to what is going on in the video game industry and comic books.

#302 - Nerds Baby Sharking

On This Week's show, Arcade1up for kids, Lil Nas X and Tony Hawk's blood, Flamin Hot Mountain Dew, Disney movie lineup for 2021, Oblivion Song, Undert...
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#301 - Nerds pooping for crypto

On return episode after Khancave. Joshua, Chris Class and Doc Martin talk about a toliet that gets you crypto, a cologne with NFT, Warhead spiked selt...
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#298 - Nerds pitching reboots

On this week's show, we talk about UK banning Junk Food commericals, Fantasy Football Punishments, Exorcist sequel, Animated Night of the living Dead,...
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#297 - Nerds hash tagging

On this week's show, we talk Free Popcorn for AMC investors, IRS wants your crypto, UK Police find a crypto mining farm, not weed, Kellog's cereal mac...
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#296 Nerds with 1 star reviews

On this week’s show, we talk about Hidding your photos, Dan Harmon NFT, Porn Hub NFt, Ebay stops selling sex stuff, Bella Thorne’s Short Film on Porn ...
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#295 - Nerds Joshing around

On this week, we talk Kroger and Drones, Coinbase and Paypal, Disaster Girl NFT sell, Kevin Smith getting into NFT to sell a movie, Haunted Mansion re...
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#294 - West Coast Avengers Nerds

On this week's show we talk Recording on Google phone app, Domino's Pizza , Best Buy 200 plan, Michael Keaton back as Batman, Starlight movie, Vin Die...
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