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Frames Per Second magazine's podcasts feature animated shorts and interviews with animation artists from around the world. Presented by editor Emru Townsend.

Podcast 019: Jossie Malis

Two years ago, Peruvian-born Jossie Malis produced a short animated film called Bendito Machine using Moho (now called Anime Studio). The style was si...
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Podcast 016: Little Fluffy Clouds

My guests in this podcast are Betsy de Fries and Jerry Van de Beek, who form the San Francisco Bay Area studio Little Fluffy Clouds. (And yes, they're...
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Podcast 015: IBM: "Alignment"

An animated Rorschach test is the backbone of one of three spots that Little Fluffy Clouds produced for Ogilvy's series of IBM commercials.
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Podcast 014: Au Petite Mort

A stream, a fisherman, a dragonfly, a fish: In Little Fluffy Clouds' Au Petite Mort (2003), these elements come together to evoke the waning days of s...
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Podcast 013: White's Dream

White's Dream is a music video based on the Tekkonkinkreet movie. Set to the Shinichi Osawa remix of Plaid's song from the soundtrack and directed by ...
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Podcast 012: Larry Greenberg

In April, the Tokyo-based company Digital Meme released the Japanese Anime Classic Collection, which contained almost 60 animated shorts from Japan's ...
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