Franchise to Fortunes

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The Franchise to Fortunes Podcast is your source for understanding and becoming successful with Franchising. We share top ideas, strategies, and tips about franchising from some of the most successful men and women in the industry. Your host Logan Hand is a franchisee and area developer for a growing fast casual franchise that caters to the millennial marketplace. Listen as he interviews some of the best franchisees, franchisors, and new concept businesses that are in the industry today. We keep our show entertaining, modern, and always stay up to date. With a purpose to show the new generation the (millenials) that they can use Franchising as a viable career path to wealth and freedom. Franchising needs more young and ambitious franchisees/franchisors to continue to explode the industry. Sit back, strap in, and enjoy our fresh podcast with tons of great knowledge! lets go!

Grinding Through Corona Virus

Hey everyone! I know I haven't released a podcast on here in a while and I owe everyone a big apology!  I figured this week I would just take some tim...
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