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Toure talks about writing and shares the lessons they teach in MFA programs at a far lower cost.

Tips From Writing Books

I love books about writing. Here’s some bits from my favorite ones. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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How To Write A Book Proposal

Writing a great book proposal is critical. Let’s talk about all the things that go into getting that deal. For information regarding your data privacy...
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My Process

I’m working on a book right now and I’m describing my process so you can see how I do it. There’s not one right way but this is my way. For informatio...
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The 4 Modes of Writing

I describe the four modes I go through when I’m writing—architect, painter, sculptor, and city planner—to help you make sure you plan, draft, edit, an...
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How To Start

Dear writers, the reader doesn’t have time for your piece so you've got to begin the piece in a way that grabs them by the lapels and says you’ve gott...
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How To Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the worst! But I think I know how to help you get past it. Here’s a truckload of strategies for beating writer’s block. For informat...
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Write like no one’s reading

They say dance like no one’s watching but what if you could write like no one’s reading? What if you could write with the freedom and the sense of aba...
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And Kanye says…

Why writers should be their own biggest fan. How Joan Didion uses details perfectly. And the greatest sentence in the world by Vladimir Nabokov. For i...
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