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A simple guide for an over thinking audience.

Once bitten, twice the smite

I came to a realization about myself and I decided to share it. I just want everyone to know that you are not your past. I don't always listen to my a...
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I'm too pussy for this world

Here I am, queen of overthinking, ready to cry when a small inconvenience happens. This episode is about how finding the root of the problem might be ...
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Brilliant Drunk

My drunk ass complaining on how we never get a brake in this fucked up life. Enjoy :)
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Turn Around, Crawl the fuck back

How do you know when someone is sorry? Listen to how the past can come crawling back when you already said your piece and moved on. The dilemma you ha...
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You not Me

Envy is undoubtedly one of the most toxic feelings that anyone can have yet it is embedded inside us. Lets learn how to not give it attention together...
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Dear Tanus

This is an audio directed to a former friend. He distanced himself from me without any explanation. Here is my peace
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