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Local bait shops are often an anglers hangout to learn about what techniques, tackle, lures and bait the fish are biting on. The Freshwater Bite Fishing Podcast content will be an audio version of a bait shop that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. This podcast will talk with both pros and everyday anglers who are passionate about sharing their stories on the water and why they love to fish. It is through these stories you will find tips, techniques, gear and tackle to use on your next fishing pursuits. Host Lee Kleinow is a passionate angler, sportsman, family man and just all around curious dude who hopes to provide valuable content that you can pass along to the next generation.

Catching Up with Doug Glimmerveen

On this week’s episode Doug Glimmerveen, host of the Smackdown Outdoors podcast rejoins the podcast to catch up.  Lee and Doug talk about summer bass ...
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Salmon Season Is Back

It’s that time of year where we here in Michigan can give thanks for how fortunate we are to have Salmon swimming in our Great Lakes! On this episode ...
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Joe Okada & The Detroit River

The first event of the Pro Walleye Series of the H2H fishing tournament wrapped up last week here on the Detroit River.  Lee brings on past guest and ...
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Shallow Water Salmon From A Kayak

Think you need a big boat to chase salmon?  Not this time of year!  Ice is blowing out and melting around The Great Lakes region and that means it’s t...
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Captain Donnie O’Bert

When you listen to and meet our guest on today’s episode you’ll instantly feel like you have known the dude forever and will want to get out fishing w...
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Fin Gear with Drake Herd

Making a living in the fishing industry is something can vary and look quite different across the board.  Some are business owners, guides, profession...
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Buying An Affordable Boat

We are off and running here in 2021 with the podcast and a new episode for you to enjoy.  Not everyone chases fish during the hard water season so it ...
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