Friends With Bitterness

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A podcast about long time friends, and the stories that make them bitter.

37 - The End. For real this time.

It's been real, it's been fun. And it's been real fun. We love all you guys! Thank you so much for listening, and sharing with your friends. -your FWB...
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36 - The Last Episode

The last FWB episode (for now).... We're taking the summer to go hang out on the beach, go hiking, or even kayak across the bay. Who are we kidding......
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35 - Joel's Day

Everyone needs a Joel King in their life. So today we're celebrating him! Kindly forgive the audio, we're in the garden studio today (AKA, the backyar...
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33 - High School Days

Ahhhh high school.... The time where you will look back in 8 years and regret most of your life decisions. Maybe those blonde highlights weren't the g...
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32 - Dinner Party

Grab a $5 doritos locos taco bell grande suprema box #notanad and join us for a dinner party!
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