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My name is Lilith Dragonfly and I am quirky Pagan with a podcast! Questions? Comments? Email me at

Super tongue twister!

Episode is about music magic and the fundamentals. Couldn’t figure out why I was so tongue tied today. Hope you at least get a laugh out of it.
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Tips for Baby Witches

Additional Tips: Healthier you are, the better your magic. (Your body is a temple) I was kinda under the weather, but I wanted to get this out of the ...
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The Life of Lilith

A lil sneak peak into the life of Lilith Dragonfly. I got scared by my neighbor screaming at his kids. I didn't know whether to go in depth with my lo...
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Eclectic Paganism

What is Eclectic Paganism and Why? DISCLAIMER: I do NOT have all of the answers/facts. I am not a guru. Take my words as a foundation as research what...
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Just a lil intro Hiya! I'm on sound cloud now! The app is called Amino I'm in the The witches circle and Pagan and Witches server https://frizzylilwit...
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