Functional Fundamentals

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This podcast is about exampling how to move, eat, work and perform better. We will discuss the best ways to unlock your potential both physically and mentally. Our goal is to help you break the body down and teach you daily hacks so that you may live pain free! Every week will cover topics that range from how to nutrition, increase mobility in a joint, increase muscular endurance, strength training, speed, and conditioning. We will not just be covering health and fitness topics -- we will also be covering baseball training, golf training, combat athletes (i.e. Muay Thai, Jiujitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, and MMA. Thought out the weeks we will invite professional to give insight on their ideals on the topic at hand.

# 48 - Coaching Part 2

THIS EPISODE: This episode we talk about coaching again... but about how we coach and the joy we get from it. No not really, we just talk about how co...
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# 47 - Nutrition Plans

THIS EPISODE: This episode we talk about Nutrition Plans - and what really should be in a nutrition plan and what you should look for when using one. ...
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# 43 - Cory Minton aka CJ Part 1

THIS EPISODE: This episode we talk to Cory Minton aka CJ the head coach at Ronin Training Center. We had the great honor to speak with CJ before he le...
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#40 - Question & Answer

THIS EPISODE: This episode we answer your questions -- here is the list of your questions we answered today: • Is MCT really that good? I hear a lot p...
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#38 - Rotational Velocity

THIS EPISODE: This episode Brad talks about the article titles talk about ROTATIONAL VELOCITY and how it ideal for a health life and a productive athl...
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