Funky Dudes & Funky Foods

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FDFF is a conversation about dating dudes and eating foods. And reviewing dating dudes and eating foods.

Ms. G, the real G(irl)!

Dude is gender-neutral y'all! Clair goes on her first date with Ms. G who's looking for a girlfriend while in an open relationship. There&ap...
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Minisode 4: Worst Date Stories

You'll always have that one; you know, the worst date of your life. It may get replaced with others as time goes on but for now, Clair and Melind...
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Mr. J for Just in Time!

Normally Clair wouldn't still be talking to the introverted Mr. J because it's been since NOVEMBER 2018 trying to set a date but a meetup is...
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Mr. A and the A+ Pizza

Looks aren't everything but they sure do help. Mr. A is the full package: good job, looks hot, has a great profile, but is that spark there? You ...
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D is for Done!

You know how when you cook something and you just know it's done? Or like a conversation that revolves mainly around football and other topics th...
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Minisode 2: Cuffing Season

Cuffing season: the opposite of a Summer Fling. Have Clair or Melinda ever "cuffed"? What kinds of rules should be maintained? Is this really a relati...
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