Future Proof Careers

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Welcome to Future Proof Careers podcast. No matter what sort of job you’re dreaming of, there’s a lot to think about when you’re just starting your career. What happens when you need experience to get experience? How do you figure out the right career for you? Is university really the best choice? The Future Proof Careers podcast is for those just starting out in the world of work. We look at today’s job market, raise important career questions and help young people “future-proof” their careers – setting themselves up now for future career success. In each episode, we focus on a hot career topic and blow it wide open with real, honest advice from our QA apprentices, alumni and a range of career experts. Have a question you’d like answered in an upcoming episode? Ask us via Twitter @QAApprentices! Podcast by QA Apprenticeships. Written & Produced by Red Apple Creative