Gabbin' Like Gals

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A weekly chat with someone from the New York comedy community about life, how we got here, where we're hoping to go, with lots of digressions.

21-Sara Feinstein

The podcast turns 21 with this amazing episode with member of the Evente and Cage Match contender Scrambled Legs, Sara Feinstein! Cheers to this episo...
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20-Casey McCormick

The phenomenal and nicest person ever, Casey McCormick stops by to gab and may I just say...DANGGGG!
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18-Nicole Pasquale

In this episode Nicole and I drink tea and have no personal boundaries!! She is amazing, enjoy!
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17-Phil Wolff

Phil Wolff has a mystery job in this week's episode of Gabbin' like Gals!
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16-David Joseph Craig

The amazing and tear-inducing David Craig joins me and we gab over bourbon and chocolate! Check David out on Lloyd Night at UCBeast on team Never Neve...
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15-Sam Kramer

UCB 201 student and future social worker Sam Kramer gabs about the practical uses of improv comedy.
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14-Keaton Patti

Funny man Keaton Patti of Hotspur gabs like a gal while trying to sell all of my belongings!! Catch him on Lloyd night and for the next three Tuesdays...
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13-Sarah Naftalis

The amazing, funny and sweet Sarah Naftalis gabs with me as we realize we are kindred spirits, the youngest child with all brothers! Check out Sarah a...
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12-Katie Simon

The incredibly talented and super funny Katie Simon gabs and brings a cookie!
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