Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

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Here we talk about all things gambling. From poker to craps. From blackjack to sports wagering. From Las Vegas to Atlantic City.

#250: Bally's Becomes Horseshoe

Mark's streak is over;  New York State sports wagering;  25-and-older-only vouchers are for timeshare presentations;  Bally's Las Vegas to become Hor...
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#248: Roll to Win Craps Concerns

Jamul casino; Casino cashiers;  How we'll gamble when we retire;  Bringing kids to Las Vegas;  "Two ducks, no goose!"  Casinos' concerns with Roll to...
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#247: ZorkFest 2021

All/Small/Tall comes to Harrah's Southern California;  New York Giants Pepsi giveaway;  ZorkFest 2021;  No free pineapple juice;  RFID tags;  Great G...
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#246: Macau Concerns

Macau concerns;  Florida sports betting comes to a halt;  Table-game licensing;  Being punished for doing the "right" thing;  Landlines in hotel bath...
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#245: SoFi Stadium

Dr. Mike's trip to SoFi Stadium;  Golden Arm;  The ON/OFF puck is not a buck;  Money Monkey tattoos;  Trip reports:  Virgin Voyages Scarlett Lady;  R...
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#244: That TITO Ticket Is Not Yours

Do-it-yourself loss rebate;  "Flip it!"  Liquor clickers;  Wrongly exposed blackjack card;  Sports wagering comes to Florida;  Ricochet Poker;  Don't...
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#242: Voicemail Ketchup

Table minimums;  Four for the Money craps side bet;  Card craps;  Chances of hitting that video poker royal flush;  Buying in for more than you're wi...
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#241: The Return of Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike is back!  Tipping the dealers by adding to your free odds;  Some good deeds go unpunished;  Setting dice;  The James Bond Roulette Strategy;...
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