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Your hosts are just a couple of 20-something year olds talking about games and other random stuff. We GUARANTEE that we will mess something up but that we will try our best at making you crack a smile!

E3 induced refractory period

WE ARE BACK BABY! after a week break due to massive amount of news that came out during E3 the Prodigal sons have returned! this week it business as u...
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E3 Gamer Scum

This week we discuss everything that happened during E3, and troy recalls his E3 experience this year!
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E3 Is almost upon us!

It's the calm before the storm and its still shaking the game industry all over the place. With Bungie's announcement of cross-save and shadowkeep, Th...
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Are loot boxes in Danger !?!?!

I know that the death of loot boxes might be a good thing in some peoples lives but just like the 90's members of the senate are trying to pass bills ...
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Epic store wants the WHOLE PIE

We got another saucy episodes for you this week! Grand theft auto is has sold a stupid amount of Copies, Sony and Microsofts' Heads touch each other, ...
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