Game Dev Grit

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Get into the grit of game dev, talk about the dirty work that makes or breaks game projects.

Ep22 W/Meryl

Game jammin --- Send in a voice message:
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Game link Soundtrack link --- Send in a voice ...
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Ripley returns to the podcast(he was the first guest) to update us on his Game Dev Education and more- --- Send in a voice message:
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Desolane joins the podcast again to talk more about "Fields of Fire" this time but we talked about other things again. Join the Fields of Fire Discord...
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Desolane joins the podcast to talk about "Fields of Fire" Join the Fields of Fire Discord here --- Send in a voice message:...
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The creator of Member the Alamo joins the podcast to discuss marketing our games and distribution strategies among other things. Member the Alamo beta...
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Show notes:  The guest on this episode is the dev behind the game "Creator Crate" Show links: Creator Crate on Steam : C...
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