Game of Love with Jessica Smith

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Welcome to Game of Love Podcast, a show where all things dating, mating, and love are on the table! International Dating Coach Jessica Smith uses her unique and powerful coaching skills to help you find the love you have always desired. Her years of experience working one on one with everyone from professional athletes to single mothers makes her the perfect coach to help you navigate the complicated world of dating. Each episode is jampacked with tips, tricks, and secrets that will make you feel more confident, sexy, and empowered.

The Trappings of Cuffing Season

Jessica and her new cohost, Rochonne, break down this cool weather romantic biological anomaly that is cuffing season.   What is cuffing season? How d...
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Why You’re Obsessed After Sex

Are you in Love or is it Oxytocin?   When is the first time the best time?   Why do we go crazy and obsess over a guy after we have sex?   How do you ...
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