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Professional and concise literary analysis of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Book 1 (Episodes 1-73) available at at

GOT Abridged #99: Tyrion VI, ACOK

Tyrion beards the maester, shovel jests, the gamma ray burst rant.YouTube:
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GOT Abridged #98: Theon II, ACOK

Theon gets his mast grabbed, Asha trolls relentlessly, the Greyjoys make increasingly poor decisions.YouTube:
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GOT Abridged #97: Jon III, ACOK

Jon disappointed by Craster's midden heap, salmon tanning, Aenys errata.YouTube:
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GOT Abridged #96: Catelyn II, ACOK

Catelyn meets Party King Renly, immense hams, Rugrats parallels revealed.YouTube: https://open.spo...
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GOT Abridged #95: Bran III, ACOK

Bran presides over future and past, food descriptions, the fate of Betsy the cow.YouTube: https://...
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GOT Abridged #94: Tyrion V, ACOK

Tyrion feeds fire, chin hairs, comet prognostication.YouTube:
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GOT Abridged #93: Arya V, ACOK

Arya eats worms, the Lommy Problem, leg potions.YouTube: 5 sta...
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GOT Abridged #92: Sansa II, ACOK

Sansa suffers, maple syrup famine, pain sucks.YouTube: 5 stars...
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GOT Abridged #91: Tyrion IV, ACOK

Tyrion does a politic, eggs in the bush, D&D writing secrets revealed.YouTube:
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GOT Abridged #90: Bran II, ACOK

Politics & pretention, Hodor bread theory, hedge wizardry.YouTube:
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