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The Holy Triforce of gaming God's : Miyamoto - The Father, Kojima - The Son & Carmack - The Holy Ghost appeared to me in vision commanding me to create the best gaming podcast. They instructed me to simply interview the most interesting people about their favorite video game memories growing up. Part retro gaming podcast & classic video game podcast, part PC gaming podcast, part gaming news podcast and all around best video game podcast on planet earth.

Gaming Memories #47 - Gawrit

Gawrit (AKA Garrett) is the top Sled Storm speed-runner & world record holder
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Gaming Memories #46 - Tayzgg

Tayzgg is a twitch streamer, content creator & nutritionist
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Gaming Memories #44 - Aaron Dukes

Aaron Dukes is a gaming content creator for One37pm
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Gaming Memories #40 - Blakmoth

BLACKMOTH is a music producer & composer. More: Bandcamp ( Instagram ( Facebook...
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Gaming Memories #38 - Dearest Abi

Dearest Abi aka "The Queen of Kong" is a competitive Donkey Kong player and streamer. Find more of the Queen: ht...
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