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Listen to D and Taylor, two video game enthusiasts, talk about their opinions on games, gaming culture, and the gaming industry, From PC master race to console plebs, we cover it all.

Indie vs AAA

Indie studios and AAA studios...what makes their game different at their core? What game development philosophies do each of them have. WARNING: THIS ...
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Modifications in gaming has been a pretty giant part of the PC gaming community. Taylor and D explore what they've done with mods as well as talk abou...
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Virtual Reality

VR is quite a wavering subject in gaming. Sometimes it's the future, sometimes it's a fad. We discuss what we think VR is and how it'll affect gaming ...
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Player Choice/Storytelling pt. 2

Player choice is a huge subject in game design and a can become a very frustrating things for players if not done correctly. We talk about Fallout 4, ...
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Storytelling In Games

Story isn't always communicated well enough in the medium of video games...lets talk about why. Our youtube channel "Karman Line Studios": https://www...
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Metal Gear Solid 2 and Kojima

Kojima is without a doubt one of the most creative game directors in existence. We talk about how Metal Gear Solid 2 seems to be the point that Kojima...
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Casual Gaming

What exactly is Casual Gaming? D and Taylor try to define the frowed upon term and relate to how their gaming habits may be a lot closer to casual tha...
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Do Games Have To Be Fun?

D and Taylor take on the massive topic of where the purpose of "fun" lays in games. Do games have to be fun to be enjoyable? What constitutes having f...
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The Gamer Identity

D and Taylor talk about Gamers and how they represent themselves from Doritos and Mountain Dew to Indie smugness.Our Youtube channel: https://www.yout...
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Games as Art

D and Taylor discuss how games and the interactive medium as a whole is shifiting toward a respected form of art. 
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