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This is the Garbage Reel Podcast, where we watch bad movies and tell you all about them so you don't have to! Support this podcast:

Garbage Reel Podcast - Wish Upon

This week the gang mourns the loss of their good friend and co-host, Bina. Don't worry she comes back. But someone will have to pay the blood price. W...
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Garbage Reel Podcast - The Mist

Our first episode of out Month of Spooks series is finally here! Join us as the cast discusses the 2007 movie, The Mist! With a bit of discussion on S...
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Garbage Reel Podcast - Spider-Man

Hey it's our first topic week! This week we're talking about all things Spider-Man! We discuss the original Tobey Maguire trilogy, the Andrew Garfield...
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Garbage Reel Podcast - Nine Lives

This is the very first installment of the Garbage Reel Podcast! This week we discuss the 2016 "family comedy" Nine Lives starring Kevin Spacey and Jen...
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