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Gate City Live is a weekly LIVE podcast from GREENSBORO NC showcasing the region’s poets, musicians, artists, and songwriters through performance and interviews.

Time Sawyer LIVE from The BugHouse

Season 9, Episode #8. On this show, we welcome Charlotte-based band Time Sawyer. Sam Tayloe (lead vocals and guitar) and Houston Norris (banjo and voc...
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Tha Villenenz and Nikki Forrester

Episode #74. We love bringing divergent music styles together on Gate City Live just to see what happens, and we are always surprised at the similarit...
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Musicians Emanuel Wynter and XOXOK

Episode #70. Wow. Check out the talent of Emanuel Wynter and XOXOK. We talk about the work of songwriting and taking the plunge to full-time musicians...
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