Gays Who Tweet Podcast

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A new podcast dedicated to the conversations happening within Gay Twitter. Each episode various gay Twitter users discuss general topics on gay life, social issues, and pop culture. Hosted by @jay_roque

Episode 19: Doomscrolling

Episode 19: DOOMSCROLLING we talk the normalization of Doomscrolling, Armie Hammer’s human hamburgers, cooking with Azealia Banks, the Drag Race girls...
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Episode 18: A New Queer

On this episode we talk Puerto Vallarta Gays and vacationing during a pandemic, The Gay Twitter Spy, Calculated Clout Chasing, TikTok Gays, 2020 lesso...
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Episode 17: Breakups

On Episode 17: Breakups we share personal stories of heartbreak and cover cheaters, abuse, suicidal threats, gaslighting, subtweets, & more... Hosted ...
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Episode 16: OnlyFans & Sex Work

On Episode Sweet 16 we discuss OnlyFans and Sex Work. We share personal stories from OnlyFans creators, escorting tales, pros and cons of celebrities ...
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Episode 15: Woke Twitter

On “Episode 15: Woke Twitter” we talk the current state of Gay Twitter and the pandemic’s affects on self-esteem, Cancel Parties, OnlyFans, Personaliz...
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Episode 14: Protesting

On Episode 14: Protesting we talk about the current state of the world, BandanaGate 2020, debate proper Pride event attire, and oh so much more... hos...
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Episode 13: #Justice4Mariah

On Episode 13: #Justice4Mariah we celebrate Mariah Carey and discuss how this Legacy Artist has stayed prolific on social media over the years, answer...
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Episode 12: Tweeting & Quarantine

On Episode 12: Tweeting & Quarantine we kiki about life under quarantine and everything else that’s been trending: Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia, Netfli...
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Episode 11: Catfishing

On Episode 11 we talk about CATFISHING. We share personal catfishing experiences, discuss Drag Race’s Sherry Pie scandal, and everything else that’s b...
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