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Conversion therapy: Kevin Schultz

On this episode reporter Shanil conducts his first interview with Conversion Therapy survivor Kevin Schultz, who describes his time going through the ...
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2 Spirit Tattoos

This week, Terrence Speaks with Ashleigh Cardinal about their traditional tattoo practice. Stay tuned for more prarie queer content! Instagram/tiktok ...
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The Year in Interviews

This week, the team at Gaywire is taking a much-needed break from chasing new stories and sharing some of our favourites! Join Terrence as they take y...
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LGBTs from the 1970s Pt.II

This is the second part of Terrence's interview with Mardi Pieronick. Mardi, who transitioned in 1977, spoke with Terrence about her experiences throu...
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LGBTs from the 1970s

Mardi Pieronick is a woman who transitioned in 1977 who spoke with Terrence on today's episode. She recounts stories from her life and how being queer...
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Secret life of Furries

What's up dog? Well, I don't know what's up with you. But what's up with Terrence is that he interviewed Jasper/Ranger, a local Furry who explains his...
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RERUN: A Queer Sort of History

This week we revisit Erin Gallagher-Cohoon's research into queer parenting in Canada. Terrence also gives you some local businesses top support, and S...
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