Geek Offensive

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Our host, Justin Mallari, bridges the gap between Geek and Bro. This NSFW podcast features everything from nerdy guests to fight card breakdowns. Subscribe to join the offensive!

#153: Jason Patrick Galit

On this episode, the former owner and CEO of the Geek Say What? Network, Jason Patrick Galit, joins the Offensive! Jason sits down with Host Justin Ma...
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#150: Berto Ponce

On this episode, Berto Ponce returns to the Offensive! Berto is the host of the Pencil Neck Geeks podcast and an all around wrestling geek. Our Host, ...
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#149: Brainstorm with The Boys

On this episode of the Offensive, Host Justin Mallari and the Boys (David Armenta, Mike Mariscal) sit down to brainstorm new ideas for the show in 202...
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#148: Sincere Garbage - Cats

On this episode of the Offensive, it's time for the first Sincere Garbage segment of 2020! Host Justin Mallari brings in Justin Quizon and Nathan Schu...
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