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Whats happening in the world of technology?

Episode 175

Episode #175. All the big names are releasing new hardware before winter.
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Episode #174

Episode #174. Windows 95 turns 25, Microsoft creates a deepfake detector, and Neuralink is coming.
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Episode 173

Episode #173. SpaceX returns from ISS, Apple stock hits a new high, and iPhones with optical zooms are coming.
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Episode 172

Episode #172. An NES game sold for $114,000, mask really do prevent infection, and ARM Macbooks are coming.
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Episode 170

Episode #170. SpaceX makes history, the smartphone market tanks, and a new iPhone is coming.
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Episode 169

Episode #169. Windows releases more updates, TikTok reaches 2 Billion downloads, and Samsung issues debit cards.
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Episode 168

Episode #168. Apple unviles a "budget" iPhone, Microsoft botches another update, and the apocalypse may be coming.
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Episode 167

Episode #167. New iPads, coronavirus phishing attempts, and a new Chromebook.
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Episode 166

Episode #166. The tablet market is up, coronavirus fears cancel events, and an Apple event is (not) coming.
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