Geeks for Jesus Podcast

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Geeks & nerds and lovers of Christ talking about biblical things, the things we geek out over, and even a biblical perspective on those things. Expect to hear us geek out over video games, anime, tabletop games, collectable card games, and anything else that catches our fancy!

G4J 10 - Martial Arts!

Martial Arts, Philosophy, & Spiritual Combat  - Chris and Tony get into their love for martial arts. They talk about fitness, differences within the m...
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G4J 09 - Theatre Geekdom

Theatre Geekdom & Christian Players - Chris and Jameson talk about being a theatre geek, viewpoints of different forms of live performance such as Sha...
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G4J 08 - All About Fan Work

Fan Work and Fair Use - Chris and Tony talk over the many forms in which fan work takes form. They discuss the busienss, legal, and moral aspects of i...
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G4J 07 - DBZ & Hero-Christ Story

DBZ, DDR, & the Hero-Christ Story - Back with Tony and our guest Miquel, a friend of Tony's. We talk about DDR - guilty pleasure or geekout? DBZ and C...
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G4J 06 - Zombies and Controversy

Jameson, Zombies, and Controversy - Nate is gone to the Navy, so their friend Jameson takes his place as they get into talking zombies and about FB co...
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G4J 05 - Farewell Nate

Farewell to Nate - Chris & Nate goof around as they reminiss and be generally silly while Tony is off as this is the last podcast for Nate since he is...
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G4J 04 - Music Geeks

Chris & Nate with guest Joel talk about geeking out over music, music in the film industry, and the lack of worship music focusing on the 2nd greatest...
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G4J 03 - Narratives

Geek & Biblical Narratives - Chris, Nate, & Tony talk about the Bible as a true story, and the Narratives taht run through our lives and through Geek ...
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G4J 02 - Cons

Cons & Faires & Geek Gatherings - Oh My! - Chris, Nate, & Tony talk about the nature of social interactions in geek settings and the roles Christians ...
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G4J 01 - Intro

Pilot Episode - Chris, Nate, & Tony introduce themselves and talk a litle bit about their background.   Geeks & nerds and lovers of Christ talking abo...
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