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Episode 284: Tiny Chair

The Geeks invade your eardrums to bring you all the latest pop culture news. Tonight we talk; Love Life, Mythic Quest, Invasion, The Leftovers, and mo...
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Episode 283: Dave 2's Cat

A mini collection of Geeks rendezvous to bring you all the weeks Geek items. Tonight we talk; The Sandman, House of Dragons, Foundation, Hacks, Black ...
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Episode 282: A Weak Week

It's DCD Day here on GND and we're here to... party? Come have a listen as we discuss What if...?, the Emmys, and a rebooted Babylon 5. Plus, Chris la...
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Episode 281: Star Wars Incest

The Geeks strike back against normality to discuss What if?... Star Wars Visions, and Streaming Service Days. Plus, we discuss Mash 2525, Renaissance ...
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Episode 280:

We celebrate year 5, week 20 by talking Hawkeye, What if?, Y, and Twins. Plus, declares a bold choice for Marvel to crossover with their street level ...
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Episode 279: Enough Lego Already!

The Geeks try to stay awake as Chris describes this week's Lego adventures. Plus, Star Trek Week, the Matrix Trailer, and more Shang Chi then you can ...
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Episode 278: Marvel Kumite

The Geeks build on last week's episode and shake their collective head at Chris's new Lego obsession. Plus, we ponder the darkest What if?... yet and ...
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Episode 277: A Numbers Game

The Geeks play a little game of numbers to answer the universes most ponderous questions; Is Humankind good? What is the Marvel Reality Breaking Quest...
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Episode 276: Lego in My Podcast

The Geeks build their way into your heart to talk what's really on your mind... Lego! Plus, we dissect this weeks What If..., talk eternals, Human Kin...
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Episode 274: This Fish Taunted Me

The Geeks are reeled back in for another week of absurdity. Tonight we talk National Night Outs, Cobra Kai, He Man, What If..., and South Park. Plus, ...
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