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Like a lot of teens, I struggle with anxiety, pressure, and finding myself. So let's talk about it! Listen in as we explore all the struggles of the teen years, and finding the best way to cope with them. Welcome to GenerationZ!

Social Media and Social Masks

Today we are talking about social media and social masks. It can be so tempting to adopt a certain personality in order to feel accepted. Don't give i...
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Hi, guys! Today we are talking about relationships! Relationships can be really great in high school, but it's important that we don't become dependen...
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Finding Confidence

It can be hard to feel confident. Confidence is something that is grown and developed throughout our entire lives, but there are things that we can pr...
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Gossip is all around us. Teens and preteens struggle with rumors all the time. They can create low self-esteem, toxic relationships, and false reputat...
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Hi guys! Welcome to my first episode! This week's theme is pressure, something we all have to deal with. Pressure comes from everywhere: school, paren...
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