Genius Variety Show with Megan Sillito

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Welcome to the Genius Variety Show! Megan Sillito and a variety of guests discuss Genius: what it is, how you can make money with it and how everyday people are transforming their lives by doing what they love!

The Matrix

Megan Sillito and her guests Jennifer Halterman and Char Gibbons will be discussing changing patterns using a process called The Matrix.
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Embracing The Sabateur

Megan Sillito and her guest Robert Pope will be talking about double binds, how we sabatage ourselves and how we can stop.Robert Pope is a Geo Tran fa...
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Foundation for Genius

Megan and her guest Kate Thompson discuss the foundation for genius. Kate is a Holistic Lifestyles coach. Learn more at
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Living Passion

Megan Sillito and her guest Kait Kingston-Eckman discuss living passion.Kait is the Director of The Performer Studio (www.the Mo...
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The Courage to Follow Your Heart

Megan and her guest Phoenix Hammerstrom discuss having the courage to follow your heart.Phoenix is a transformational coach supporting people in trans...
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Building A Genius Business

Megan Sillito and guest Annette Pieper discuss building a genius business.Annette is a Conscious business Coach. Learn more at
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Finding and Expressing Your Voice

Megan Sillito and her guest Julie Blake will be discussing finding and expressing your voice.Julie is a Transformational Voice Coach. She helps people...
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