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George's Box is a baseball podcast hosted by JJ of Bronx Pinstripes, talking MLB and New York Yankees baseball while mixing in the latest pop culture topics from around the game. Every Wednesday the hosts will spit all the hot takes you need to dominate baseball conversations with your friends -- all year long! This show and the hosts are not affiliated or associated with the New York Yankees, the YES Network, Major League Baseball, or Barstool Sports.

Italian Job

The Yankees went on a spending spree this week and picked up Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo. Will it be enough to win a World Series? Could the Yankees ...
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Trade Week

After another mediocre week, the Yankees are approaching the trade deadline. Will they sell? Will Cashman take one last shot at a wild card spot? Nick...
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Just when you thought things were bad, it turns out 25% of the roster has Covid and it looks like Judge is anti-vax. The team took 2-3 from the Boston...
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At Least It’s Half Over

The Yankees head into the All-Star break with another embarrassing loss to the Houston Astros and Jose Altuve. Nick and JJ break down the Yankees chan...
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Utter Embarrassment

This has been the most embarrassing week of Yankees baseball that any of us have ever experienced. It’s not just losing the games, but how they are lo...
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Beatdown in Beantown

The Yankees just got swept in Boston. They are playing some of the least inspired baseball JJ or Nick have ever seen. This is why it is time to trade ...
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Still Not Back

The Yankees went 5-1, but were the wins convincing? JJ and Nick don’t think so. Chapman struggled, the Blue Jays struggled, the starters besides Cole ...
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Burn It Down

After an embarrassing week for the Yankees, the time has come to start from scratch and make some major changes to the franchise. Nick and JJ talk abo...
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Fire Everyone

The Yankees are 27th in offense, just got swept by the Boston Red Sox and Aaron Boone isn’t fighting for his guys. Nick and JJ recap the weekend of sa...
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Swept in Detroit

Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong this week for the Yankees. Corey Kluber is going to miss at least 2 months and Luke Voit is out for a mon...
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