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I am Kay Kopit, welcome to my podcast, "Get Inspired." In the last decade people have commented that I project happiness and positivity. One woman said to me, "You must have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth." I had to laugh because the first half of my life was dark, sick and tragic. When I was 40 years old I began to make the transformation to the healthy, happy, and confident woman that I am today. I will be sharing my wisdom and life experiences with the intent of inspiring you with your spiritual growth so that you too may reach your highest human potential. I will treasure our connection.

Living with an Inherited Disease

When you discover you have a chronic ailment as a teenager it can alter your life. I share my experiences with Thrombophlebitis; what it is, how to...

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Gullible to the Extreme

My first date with Joey extended for three days.  I was transfixed by this unconventional guy and rapidly became addicted to him. I call this adven...

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My Secret Addiction

Denial is the disease.  I couldn’t believe what was clear to everyone else; I was addicted to an alcoholic.  I needed to be needed so badly I subco...

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Codependence Day

For 40 years I lived an unbalanced, shame based life.  I was obsessive, compulsive and extremely neurotic. Unknowingly I attracted alcoholics and d...

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Visualization techniques are quite powerful. I learned a valuable lesson when I created my first Life Map Collage.  With obsessive, compulsive beha...

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