Ginger And The Jerk

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Two lifelong friends discussing everything they enjoy from video games and sports to current events and life experiences. Beers and laughs will be had.

Episode 22

This episode we talk about a circular human centipede, penis cleavage, and Blake's upcoming back surgery. Good times.
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Episode 21

This week Blake has herniated a disc, the Jerk visits a local festival, Ginger has a new computer. This episode should be titled "Memes and First Worl...
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Episode 20

Blake and Juan join us this week, The Jerk responds to a kid fight club, everyone is hammered and good times were had by all! Give us a positive revie...
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Episode 19

The Jerk is working this week, so Blake and Ginger sit down to discuss work, sci-fi, Arabic speaking boy scouts and more!
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Episode 18

Different format this week, we sit down and discuss working for other people, youtube videos, and more!
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Episode 17

Blake and Brynn join us this week! Blake wants to bang the mom from home improvement, Ginger thinks Velma from Scooby Doo is hot, a jacktard tries to ...
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Episode 16

The car episode! Blake joins us this week to talk about road trips, nicknames we've given the vehicles we've owned, Dave doesn't know anything about G...
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Episode 15

On this week's show Beer Yoga, a man assaults his girlfriend with a frozen sausage, fun drinking games, and Dave wants to bang Judge Judy. Follow us o...
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Episode 14

On this episode, Blake talks about wanting to fuck Dolph Lundgren, a cheerleader shaped like a loaf of bread, stupid challenges, ball sweat water tort...
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Episode 13

This week Blake joins us once again. We discuss a man that punched a cougar in the face, Urban Dictionary words, a girl Dave and Blake refer to as 'Bu...
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