Girl Boss Talk -Entrepreneur, Mentor, Branding & Advertising Coach for Women

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A captivating, innovative, and creative way to approach business, branding, and technology platforms for the new entrepreneur. Julie is a fifteen year veteran in the field with her own successful business and offers up a fresh perspective on how to build yours faster. Listen in to get motivation, tips and an inside look at how the pros do it with your host, Julie Dreier, a Professional UX Designer, Branding Strategist & Successful Entrepreneur whose business is currently ranking #1 on Google as TOP FEMALE DESIGN AGENCY and is on a mission to advocate for women all over the world that want to chase their dreams of entrepreneurship.

BIZ TIP -On Branding

Just a quick Branding Tip about the main ingredient to conquering your branding struggle. I will be covering more on branding through the episodes. If...
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