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A dialogue for the Church! To dive deeper into sermons here at GCC, theology, current cultural topics of the Church locally here in Toledo, around the globe, and everything in between!

Let's Talk About Some Dirt

With Murder Hornets, COVID-19, and all the other crazy things going around this year it's hard to believe that God is working when we can't see it imm...
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Scuba Diving With Jesus

It's so easy to miss out on a deeper relationship with God by getting tangled up in all kinds of distractions, or trying to keep Him at an arm's lengt...
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Where Do You Put Your Hope?

Pastor Jeff and The Intern discuss putting hope in ourselves vs God, fasting, seeking the good of the city and more! Don't forget to subscribe on itun...
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Im Quarantined ... Now What?

Pastor Jeff and Justin talk covid-19 quarantine (as Jeff exhibits his affinity for 90's music) and all the joys and challenges that come with it. They...
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Is There a Wrong Way to Worship?

The guys discuss our monthly "Songs and Prayers" order of service, the art of meditation, vain worship and so much more!For questions and comments Ema...
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