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A bunch of gnomes from the gnome stew get together to talk gaming, game mastering, tabletop games, playing games, and gab about games. It’s a gaming gab off to avoid becoming part of the stew.

Gnomecast #133 – Tropes!

Join Ang, Jared, and J.T. for a discussion about how GMs can make good use of story tropes for the benefit of the game as well as how to avoid […]
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Gnomecast #132 – NPC Variety

Join Ang, John, and Senda for a discussion about tips and tricks for keeping your NPCs varied and interesting. Can these gnomes come up with enough in...
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Gnomecast #127 – Side Quests!

Join Ang, Chuck, and J.T. for a discussion about how to make good use of side quests and other departures from the main plots of your campaigns. Check...
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Gnomecast #125 – GM Burnout

Join Ang, Jared, and Phil for a discussion about burning out as a GM, the ways it can happen, and what you can do about it. Phil’s article “Losing Int...
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