Go Be Great Podcast with Jackie Capers-Brown

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Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, "Everyone can be great because everyone can serve." Jackie Capers-Brown is the Ringleader of #TheGoBeGreatMovement. She's an award-winning corporate business leader, author, corporate trainer, mindset, performance, and leadership coach. Imagine leading your life on fire where you have the clarity, courage, and confidence to identify and leverage your unique code of greatness in ways that level up your life. How much better would you feel about yourself and your life? How much faster would you achieve your goals with this level of alignment? What great impact would you have within your ever-expanding circle of influence? Here on the Go Be Great Podcast you will learn tangible takeaways and actionable strategies that inspire, motivate and empower you to be the hero of your story and make your mark on the world. Every Friday, Jackie serves you with amazing conversations with down to earth people who are barrier-breakers, trailblazers, and change-makers around the globe. Each episode is geared toward you and dedicated to helping you tap into your inner wisdom and the seeds of greatness within your potential to experience new levels of joy and success in all aspects of your life. Consider this the ultimate guide for everyday people who seek to own their power to transform themself and life in ways that reflect their vision of what personal greatness feels and looks like to them.